Grant Hacking

The following landscape paintings are currently available for purchase.

Casting at Sunrise
Casting at Sunrise, 24" x 36" Price: $9,500.00

Filtering Light
Filtering Light, 24" x 30" Price: $8,000.00

Dewees Island
Dewees Island, 24" x 36" Price: $9,500.00

Morning Mist
Morning Mist, 6" x 8" Price: $650.00, SOLD

Oystermen, 18" x 24" Price: $4,800.00, SOLD

Eagle River Camp
Eagle River Camp, 24" x 30" Price: $8,000.00, SOld

Morning After the Blood Moon
Morning After the Blood Moon, 24" x 36", SOLD Price, $9,000.00

Ebbing Tide
Ebbing Tide, 24" x 36",SOLD Price: $9,000.00

Matterhorn of the White Mountains
Matterhorn of the White Mountains, 22" x 28", SOLD

Twilight in the Valley
Twilight in the Valley, 12" x 16", SOLD

Call of Geese
Call of Geese, 36" x 36", SOLD

Lifes Journey
Life's Journey, 40" x 60", SOLD

West Rattlesnake
West Rattlesnake, 18" x 24", SOLD

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